Interior Design

Completing the look of a room has as much to do with paint, wallpaper, art selection, area rugs and furniture as it does with bookshelves and the curiosities and books that you choose to fill them with. I have bookshelves in our apartment and at our beach house that are very carefully filled with the books and collectibles we’ve saved so carefully over the years. From framed pictures of our families to shells we dove for in Puerto Rico and shellacked ourselves to beautifully bound coffee table books and a mini Louis Vuitton trunk I use as a jewelry box, they are filled with items we love to look at. There are vases, book ends, pottery and vintage glass bowls filled with matchboxes from our travels. Each rectangle within the bookcase has a theme from a simple black and white look to one filled with chocolate brown stationary cases to one that is an all orange puzzle of Hermès boxes that held scarves and watches long ago but today act almost as art. Over the years I’ve actually curated people’s bookshelves for them filling them with the items they love. Sometimes it’s easier than you think to find pieces in your home that work and often a little shopping is involved but this is an easy chic project to do at an affordable price (note Hermès boxes need not be involved). Because so much is needed to fill the shelves I don’t invest too much in any one object. My secret is TJMaxx @TjMaxx as they have shelves and shelves of knick knacks, frames, bookends and baskets at a great price. I’m always here to help with a project like this. For pricing email me at


Creating Celebrations – Event Design

Setting the perfect table is the backdrop for a meal and should always make a statement. It can be organic and natural using succulents rather than flowers, simple and chic with white china and clean color free flowers or bold and rich such as what I’ve done here at a table I designed and hosted on Grand Prix Sunday at the Hampton Classic Horse Show. Email me for events at


Luxury Baby Block Design

When our daughter Sadie was born I was working on several interior design projects and thought what a shame it was that all of this beautiful remnant fabric I had was going unused. I was also on the hunt for beautiful toys for her that would fit right into the decor of our home. When I came up short I began creating my own, friends came over and wanted them for their kids thus the custom baby block was born. I create them based on the color palette you love for your little ones. Email me at Samantha@SamanthaYanks for details.